Many moons ago, I used to buy Pier 1 Import Reed Diffuser. They smelled great and were a wonderful alternative to room sprays. My Mom recently rediscovered them and has been nagging me to buy ‘Asian Spice”. Well, I picked one up yesterday and I’m a idiot for having waited so long. I’m huge on aromatherapy. I love my place to smell amazing and I use different scents  to combat stress, insomnia, and my general mood. The concept of how reed diffuser work is pretty simple. The scent infiltrates the reeds and leaves your room smelling amazing. They also last for up to 2 months which is economical and they’re reusable. Pier ! describes Asian Spice® oil as being —a fusion of clove and grassy vetiver, spiced with hints of patchouli, coriander and sweet musk. It truly smells heavenly and it’s a great scent to de-stress with. If you’d like to try Asian Spice or the wide vatiety of diffusers diffusers that Pier 1 Import has, follow the link! here

What’s your go to scent in times of happiness or stress? Are you a candle, room spray or reed diffuser kind of gal? If you have a favourite scent, please let me know in the comments!