I haven’t spoken about my #womenmarchnyc experience yet, and I will. I wasn’t sure what to expect as a triple minority. One of the highlights was at the end of the march while I was heading to 51st station. I was walking with a bunch of older white people and this Jewish lady started yelling.
JL: Black Lives Matter! Black Lives Matter!
Me: *head snaps up* Black Liv- wait am I the only Black person here?
Group of white people: *polite laughter*
JL: Don’t worry hun, I got your back! Maybe if these White people had shouted “Jewish Lives Matter” there wouldn’t have been a Holocaust.
Me: Laaaaawd, take it easy! 😂
*we held hands and shouted “Black Lives Matter” till we got to my station*

Sometimes you’ll find allies in the most random places. Keep your eyes opened.