It’s day 2 of the Esther Experiment! How are you feeling? Are you feeling invigorated and centered or tired and weary? I keep vasicilating between all 4 feelings but whenever you make a life-style change, insecurities, fears, and anxiety will try to take you under! I’ve stuck to my worship, diet, and exercise plan and I feel great. There’s a sense of purpose and mental clarity now that I’ve started to streamline my day and do things that encourage the “new” woman that I’m creating.

While reading the Book of Esther for worship this morning, I kept getting stuck on the unwillingness of Queen Vashti to come before King Xerses. There has been times, actually many times, when I knew I should come before God but I was afraid. I felt unworthy of a audience with Him. My Esther Experiment is my way of reclaiming my self-worth, breaking free from strongholds, realizing my potential and moving towards my destiny. I know there will be moments of self-doubt, I know, the urge to give up will be strong but I also know that I was raised by strong women, women who didn’t cringe in the face of adversity and women who dug deep when the odds were against them!

Are you tired of living a mediocre life? Do you know you’re not reaching your full potential? Rebuild with me, discard bad habits and let’s grow and learn together on this spiritual journey.

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